Quebec Unicycle Association
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Who are we?

The AMQ is born after the 6 th International Unicycling Championship which took place in Quebec city in 1992. The craze for this event, which reunited 250 unicyclists from 12 countries, convinced the organizers of the interest of this discipline and of the importance to support the enthusiasts with different resources.

Members of the association

The AMQ is the most dynamic association of the country and demonstrate leadership in unicycling teaching. It offers courses for all ages with a learning method and an effective valuation system. Its objectives are also to organize unicycling rides, competitions, shows...

Some realizations:

  • More than 6000 people participated in introduction workshops.
  • Holder of the World Unicycling Basketball Championship of 1994.
  • 30 people participated at the World Unicycling Championship in Minneapolis, United States.
  • 6 days of shooting for TV program "Amazing Games" presented on the ESPN network in the United States.
  • 7 days of shooting for an artistic TV program presented on the biggest TV network (KBS) of South Korea.
  • Holder of Guiness Record which 191 unicyclists from 12 countries move holding hands forward on 2 meters.
  • Quebec summer Festival (Festival d'été DuMaurier de Québec.)
  • Hull International Biking Festival.
  • Confederacy Celebration on Les Plaines d'Abraham of Quebec.
  • Circus Arts Crossroad in Lévis, Québec.

The AMQ is a non-profit-making organization which is managed by a dynamic board of directors directed by Normand Beaumont, a bachelor in physical activity from Laval University and a unicycle specialist.