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General informations about AMQ

Basketball show on unicycle
This team played against teams from Japan, Germany, Holland, Porto Rico, United States and Canada.

It was silver medallist at the World Unicycling Championship in 1992 and gold medallist in 1994.

Show Description

Basketball on unicycleIt's a very spectacular basketball game... It is played on unicycle! In the very first half, the crowd is encouraged to take position for one or the other team to settle an amusing rivalry that last all along the game! The members of the team, which was founded by Guy Beauséjour in 1984, played in schools, festivals and different special events in Quebec.

These experienced players will give you a lot to see with their mobility, precision and remarquable speed. A stunning show that doesn't have break time since during the intermission, players demonstrate their unicycling skills.

Also, exceptional performances of acrobatic bike and/or jugglery can be added to complete this great moment.

In a word, a diversting and original show all the family will enjoy.

Technical information
Activity length: 60 minutes
Surface area: smooth
Height: minimum 5 meters
Width: 6 meters
Length: 12 meters
Audio-visual: microphone and tape recorder
Assembly time and taking down time: 60 minutes