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The solar system

What is it?

The solar system is a route to reach a high degree of technical hability in the artistic unicycle field.In short, the following pages containt the steps which the unicyclist can reach in his progression. There they are:

1. Pluto
2. Neptune
3. Uranus
4. Saturn
5. Jupiter
6. Mars
7. Earth
8. Venus
9. Mercury
10. Sun

The fartest planet from the Sun, Pluto, bring together the easiest figures to realize. To reach the next planet, Neptune, you have to perfectly succeed all pluto's figures. And so on for all other planets...

The number of figuers to learn on a unicycle is almost unlimited. However the   International Unicycle Federation (IUF) has produced a list of all known figures. In other to bring a satisfying element to every uniciclist, we selected a vast range of figures chosen among the IUF's list. We considered the next criteria:

Originality Beauty Diversity Utility

Finally, we distributed these figures in ten steps represented by the planets of the solar system. The figures are positionned inthe solar system according to the score attibuted by by the IUF.

The evaluation event, taking place each December, is open to every unicyclist! So, even though you're not taking courses with us, pratice alone or in group and come meet us at that moment. To be eligible, you only need to be a member of the association!

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