Quebec Unicycle Association
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General informations about AMQ

Initiation workshop

You want to try a new, familial and funny activity...

Try the unicycle... a great activity which let nobody unconcerned.

Initiation workshop

Activity description:

It's a workshop of variable length and it's goal is to introduce the unicycle to group of all ages.

For this activity, AMQ specialists come to the event place with unicycles of different sizes and also other support material.

Imagine possible scenarios when a person ride a unicycle for the first time! Absolutely hilarious!

But after a certain adaptation time, amazement replace astonishment and there it is... our first steps on uncicycle, what a magical and unforgettable moment!

If it's for a 2 minutes try or for a one hour complete workshop, this activity will satisfy, without a doubt, your guests expectations. Shortly, an original activity which assure you pleasure, surprises and funny situations.

Target Customers:

For schools of all kinds, summer camps, festivals, special events... To put ambiance for a reception or for employees of a company which want to offer an extraordinary entertainment period.

Ideal for a physical educational course.